Stocks Basics: How to Purchase Stocks

Now that you are more familiar with the principals behind the stock market, it is time to learn how one actually goes about buying stocks? Luckily for you, you won’t have to venture onto the floor and start flailing your arms about wildly while you scream your order. Here are the two main ways inRead More

How to Make Money Purchasing Stocks

If you tune into financial media, you might pick up the wrong impression that winning in the stock market is simply a matter of “choosing” the right stocks, trading aggressively, keeping your eyes on the tv or computer screen and constantly obsessing about how S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are doing atRead More

An Introduction to Trading

Who hasn’t imagined being able to live a life where you are your own boss? Doesn’t working from anywhere in the world sound thrilling? Just think of the possibility of sitting on the beach while letting the money roll in. It might sound like a fantasy, but it’s more realistic than it sounds. You can probablyRead More

What Is a Stock?

Stock is basically a piece of the company. When you own stock, you partially own the company. The more shares of stock you own, the more of the company’s assets and earnings belong to you. People use “stock,” “shares,” and “equity” interchangeably. What is involved in owning stock? If you are one of the manyRead More

The Different Kinds of Stocks

Stocks comes in two main kinds: Common and Preferred. Common Common stock is called this because it is, in fact, common. Most of the time, when people discuss the stock market, they are talking about common stock, as the majority of shares sold are the common kind. The last section highlighted common stock more thanRead More

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