An Introduction to Trading

Who hasn’t imagined being able to live a life where you are your own boss? Doesn’t working from anywhere in the world sound thrilling? Just think of the possibility of sitting on the beach while letting the money roll in. It might sound like a fantasy, but it’s more realistic than it sounds.

You can probably guess it; the stock market is our secret. Investing in this type of finance tool is one of the most beneficial instruments of wealth growing. The stock market is a large component of almost all portfolios. To reach freedom in your personal financial life, you should have a strong familiarity with the stock market and know how to trade.

Previously, the stock market was an idea that only rich executives knew about, but recently, the common consumer has grown more interested. Now, the stock market is one of the most popular tools for creating financial freedom. The new demand, along with progress in the technology used to make trades, has opened up the market so that any “Average Joe” can purchase stocks.

Recently, the general public has become more and more interested in the stock market. Once a luxury only afforded by the rich, the market has now gained the attention of the common man, and has become an increasingly popular way to increase wealth. The new demand, in addition to more technologically advanced trading platforms, is creating a vast demand for stock investments.

Unfortunately, many people do not entirely understand the stock market, despite the new surge in popularity. A lot can be learned by having normal, day to day conversations; however, many of the people that like to talk about the market don’t entirely understand the concept either. It’s possible that you’ve heard of your coworker’s friend’s cousin, who made bank by investing in a certain company, or the opposite: that they’ve lost everything. There is so much inaccurate information floating around, and much of this is due to “get rich quick” schemes that convinced people that stock trading was the answer to instant gratification in the financial world.

The economic crash in the late 90s and early 2000s proved that the stock market is not actually risk free. It can lead to great wealth; however it takes education to know how, when, and why to buy, as well as how to protect your investments by understanding how the stock market works.

Because of this, we’ve created this training. Our goal is to lay the foundation that will help you to decide what kind of investing you find suitable for your individual situation, while minimizing the risks so you don’t “lose your shirt.” Throughout our lesson, we will explain what stock is, as well as the different kinds, and how the trading process works. Additionally, we’ll discuss how stock is priced, why it changes, and how to purchase.


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